Down the hill..

7 Feb

Today was awesome. Beautiful weather, people and hill..woho!
I would really like to do it again some time 🙂

Newly arrived, excited but a bit scared..

Glad tjej..

Hot it should be..has to be!

Warren with his, no longer alive, winning sledge..

Haha..Patrick and I went down from the very top..screaming 😉

Toppen!! Thank you all..

It’s a pub night at V-dala this Tuesday at 7 pm..

Peace out //Ingvar

PS. If you don’t wanna be in a picture on the blog just leave a comment and it’ll be removed 🙂

2 svar to “Down the hill..”

  1. Moa LW 07 februari 2010 den 18:33 #

    Gays on sleds – A new movie Coming Out this season

    We are so awesome… 😀

  2. sfquppsala 07 februari 2010 den 22:12 #

    Wonderful pictures !!!


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