13 Feb

Aw, since we started this blog last month we have had over 1000 visitors! Yay, that is way beyond our expectations so thanks all AND welcome to our activities!

If you have any suggestions to what you want us to do or write about, send us an e-mail or leave a comment! It doesn’t matter if u write in swedish, english, german or any other language. We will try our best to understand it!

It’s easy to become a member and we’ll try to make it even easier. Read about it here to your right.

Have a marvelous weekend and hope to see you all on tuesday!

Sweet love


Ett svar to “Woho!!”

  1. anonym 18 februari 2010 den 10:24 #

    Svenska är ett väldigt fint språk, testa att använda det ibland…


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