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18 Feb

I hope you all loved semlorna and had a great time! Now it’s time to take a relaxing weekend and collect energy for the up-coming events. Cause next two weeks there will be partying and nice social things ^^

Next friday there will be TWO gay clubs to attend, Selma and Orchidea. Amazing isn’t it? We’ll see if SFQ will fix something beautiful for pre-partying so everyone can fight over where to go. Hard this with choices… We will have a board meeting on monday so come and tell us what u think. Afterwards everyone will meet us at Smålands nation for a nice pub evening!

If you think there isn’t any gay clubs in Uppsala this month i can reveal that you won’t have to wait too long… Cause wednesday 3rd of march Wilde! has premiere!! Yay, happy queer-times!! Read the latest Ergo for a nice articel about Wilde and there is also an other well written queer articel. Håll till godo för vem vet när så här mycket händer igen!?

i wish u a very nice weekend!
love love love



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