Arkiv | mars, 2010

Bilder från WILDE!-premiären

21 Mar


18 Mar

If you want a pre-party before Selma at Saturday, you should come to Patricks place, at Kantorsgatan 52, at 8 pm.

Selma will open at 10pm and close at 03 am.

Skål & gutår

No Alice today

14 Mar

Hej guys..We’re so sorry for the worst info ever!!

The thing is, there are like no places left for Alice in 3D..but in 2D. But, atleast I think, it would be so much cooler to see it in 3D!!

That’s why we, finally, decided to postpone it until next Sunday..
hopefully it’ll be easier/safer to get tickets for everyone then..

Again, I’m truly sorry that we didn’t let you know earlier!

Lots and lots of love



9 Mar

Woho, Pub evening, this Thursday we will meet at Göteborgs nation, 19.00/7 pm.

I hope to see you all feels like it’s been a while..

This Sunday, everyone who wants to can come to see Alice in Wonderland at the movies! Feel free to just show up, since we won’t reserve any tickets in advance..More info will come about time and place 🙂 I’m excited!

See you Thursday!! ❤




2 Mar

Läs om vår klubb i Uppsala Nya Tidning genom att klicka här!

Let’s be WILDE ones: come to the pre-party!

1 Mar

Hello gorgeous people!

The pre-party for WILDE! on this Wednesday March 3rd will be at Svantes, the pub at Uplands nation. If this is your first time attending an SFQ-event, please look for our lovely rainbowflags and call the cellphone if you have trouble with finding Svantes/us.

The pre-party will start around 19.30 (7.30) and I hope to see as many of you there as possible! If not, I’ll see you at WILDE!

Remember that this is the first nation-gay club ever, and it’s going to be AWESOME!!

kisses //Moa

P.S. Until then, let’s party to the lovely tunes of Jerry Lee Lewis 😉