Arkiv | april, 2010

v a l b o r g

28 Apr

Hej hopp!

Friday = Valborg

At 13.00/1 pm SFQ we will be in Ekonomikum.

Selma time!

21 Apr

Once again it’s time for Selma at lovely Orange. This Friday, the 23rd, to be exact :D.

There will be a pre-party at my place at Phyllebo on Torsgatan 5 a from 8 pm. Call the SFQ phone, or me, when you’re there if you don’t know the code.

See you there!

Love //Moa

Barbie goes queer!

20 Apr

”There’s a rainbow in your eyes, there’s a light in your face..
Find the rainbow, you’ll realize how to make the world a better place
You cannot fly, but oh my dear your future holds much more
Just learn to use the gifts you have and you will soar.”
(To overinterpret isn’t always a bad thing…)

Be sure to come and see what really happens during the sex days, today is the last chance.
Otherwise I sure do hope you all will show up at GH for some chit-chat later in the evening!

Ha de fint allihop!

Schemat för Sexdagarna å GH Nation den 19 & 20 april är här!

14 Apr

Sexdagarna på GH 19 & 20 april!

12 Apr


Nästa vecka, 19 & 20 april på 19 & 20 april på GH nation klockan 13-18 båda dagar arrangerar Kondoma Mera, RFSU Uppsala, RFSL Uppsala, Kåren, ISAK och SFQ Uppsala Sexdagarna.  Lyssna till intressanta föreläsningar, se bra film och beundra trans-konst. Kom hit för att lära dig mer om trans, lustanatomi, hbt i högre utbildning och mycket annat!

!!! Membership Fee !!!

11 Apr

Our board agreed today on reducing the one-year membership fee for SFQ Uppsala to 20 SEK, entering into force as from 1st of May 2010. In addition to the possibility to pay directly into the SFQ account and to send us an email with your details, we will then also accept cash payments and offer forms to fill in, in order to become a member during official SFQ events, such as Pub nights. This is to increase the amount of official members,  in order to strengthen the basis and voice of our organization.


Sexdagarna 19-20 April

11 Apr

We’d like to inform you that Sexdagarna 2010 are coming up in Uppsala!  There are gonna be discussions, workshops, art exhibitions etc. both days from around 1 to 6 pm.

SFQ Uppsala is going to have an info-table to expand the awareness of us as an organization, to tell interested people about what we do, to do some networking and of course to have FUN! If you as an SFQ member would like not only to take part in the program but also to do some voluntary work (well… work is exaggerated 😉 ) to support our info-table, send an email to and let us know which day and  during which time period you are available 🙂