The Hack Gender Project

29 Maj

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A week ago, some people would have told you it was impossible to write a book in a week—or, if such a thing were possible, it wouldn’t be a book worth reading. But this last week, May 21-28,Hacking the Academy happened and with it rose exciting possibilities for urgent and collaborative online discourse. Hack Gender is a response to that potential but with a different framework: while a few submissions to Hacking the Academy touched on the questions of gender in academia, they didn’t address the topic head-on. With questions of gender and sexuality a ”hot topic” and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy on the political forefront this week, it seems to be a perfect time to have a discussion. How do we reconsider gender in a digital age, where identities of all kinds are moving into open space–and, at times, being pushed back into the closet? In a age of new media with so many forums for expression, what is the state of gender identity and where are we transitioning to? 

Possible topics include but are certainly not limited in any way to: gender identity, gender in the workplace, transgender, cisgender, pangender, bigender, gender and art, gender in the classroom.

Submissions are open for one week from midnight May 29 to midnight June 5 CST. The project was debuted at Wiscon 34, a feminist science fiction convention and space of academic and fan conversation, but participation is by no means limited to attendees of the convention: pass it on!

Use your blog, LiveJournal, YouTube, Flickr, or any other type of online communication that works for you. Create something that talks about gender and its transitory state in modern discourse. Any and all mediums are encouraged, but we’d like to see new creation or expansion of ideas that have been on your mind. This can be as short as you like, and in the spirit of the conversation we ask that you avoid works that exceed the length of a traditional essay and that you not submit previously published work (print or electronic). Feel free to submit multiple pieces throughout the week and continue the conversation in comments. We’ll group the work as it emerges. Responding to other papers written for Hack Gender in your submissions is strongly encouraged!

Post your work and then put the title and link up on Twitter with the hash tag #hackgender by June 5th at midnight. OR Send your work to hackgender (at) and we’ll add it to this blog space with your name and announce your work from the hackgender Twitter account.

We’ll link all submissions from the newly created domain and build the site throughout the week. When the first version of the site goes live, it will be posted to Twitter.

This project is co-moderated by J.J. Pionke and Anastasia Salter. We are in no way affiliated with Hacking the Academy. We do not at this time have any print publishers for this project: however, we hope it will emerge into a valuable conversation and online resource.



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