Lesbian in China Attempts Suicide

30 Maj

Reposted from: http://china.globaltimes.cn/society/2010-05/533470.html

Homosexual activists are citing a lesbian’s failed suicide attempt in Anhui Province as a tragic example of the emotional pain suffered by lesbians when they are forced to marry men.

For months, Qinqin (not her real name) had considered telling her husband that she was in love with another woman. But her parents had arranged Qinqin’s marriage, and she could not bear to tell them the truth.

Instead, she tried to kill herself by swallowing pesticides on May 14 in Hanshan county, Anhui Province.

Although the 23-year-old woman was saved, the incident raised concerns over the psychological problems faced by lesbians.

The local Shichang Xinbao reported Wednesday that Qinqin fell in love with her roommate Lanlan (not her real name), 20, when they were working together in Beijing last June.

The two women were always seen together, slept in the same bed and walked hand-in-hand.

Qinqin’s fate took a drastic turn in February, when she returned home for Spring Festival. At the time, her family did not know about her sexual orientation and forced her to marry a man she had met only four days earlier.

During the brief marriage, Qinqin repeatedly asked for a divorce, but her husband refused.

”I threatened to kill myself if I couldn’t get divorced but my husband and mother-in-law did not approve,” she said.

Following her suicide, Qinqin’s parents checked their daughter’s cell phone messages and discovered her relationship with Lanlan.

The two women exchanged text messages, discussing ways to kill themselves and promising each other that they would die together.

The newspaper said Qinqin’s parents were shocked by the truth, and now contemplate sending their daughter for counseling to ”correct” her sexual orientation.

Aqiang, the online name of a well-known gay rights activist based in Guangdong Province, told the Global Times that many gay people forced into heterosexual marriages cannot find happiness.

”Forced marriage hurts not only the couples, but also the family on both sides,” he said.

He said in China, especially in rural areas, women are pressured to marry at a certain age because they are expected to have children and raise a family.

”Many gay people told me their another half refused to grant them a divorce because they would lose face and the divorce might have a bad influence on the children,” he said.



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