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26 Jun

Gender and Sexuality Research Tumblr

26 Jun

There is a blog compiling studies about gender and sexuality currently being conducted that need volunteers. There are several projects going on topics including: factors predicting coming out, implicit vs. explicit sexual orientation and it’s effects on homophobia and aggression, relationships, gender norms and identity.

RFSL Uppsala Summer Open Nights!

25 Jun

SFQ members are welcome to this too!

English version follows the Swedish version.

Äntligen står vår lokal färdigmöblerad och uppackad! Det tänker vi fira med att ha Öppen lokal varje torsdag hela sommaren, mellan 17 och 22 med start på torsdag 1/7. Adressen är S:t Göransgatan 22, en trappa ner. Ingång från hörnet. Vi kommer att fika, grilla, spela brädspel, pyssla, leka utelekar, diskutera, titta på nyinköpta och gamla hbtq-filmer och finnas till hands för frågor och råd. Det kommer helt enkelt vara ett ställe där vi kan hänga och ha roligt tillsammans i en säker och mysig miljö!

Det är helt gratis för alla medlemmar, alkoholfritt och öppet för alla åldrar! Alla hbtq-personer, samt du som är nyfiken och vänner är varmt välkomna och vi vill betona att bisexuella och transpersoner är mycket välkomna och att alla kan känna sig säkra hos oss. Även du som inte är medlem är välkommen – det kommer finnas möjlighet att teckna medlemskap på plats. Vi tar en avgift på 20 kr för fikat för icke medlemmar.

Vi upplever att lokalen idag inte är tillgänglig för rullstorsburna och att den kan vara begränsande vid andra rörelsenedstättningar.
Toaletten är liten och således ett hinder för de som behöver ha sällskap in och det finns inget skötbord.
Har du frågor om tillgänglighet eller vill hjälpa oss hitta en ny lokal? Hör av dig på vår mobil eller kontakta Warren på

Har du frågor, idéer eller förslag på teman kring våra öppet-hus-kvällar? Tveka inte att kontakta oss på vår mobiltelefon varje tis-tors kl 17-19 på: 0762 836773 eller maila oss

Hoppas vi ses på torsdag!


S:t Göransgatan 22, 1 floor down



Happy summer all members!

Our local is finally unpacked and furnished and we want to celebrate that with having an open local every thursday all summer! We start on thursday 1/7 and will be open from 5 to 10 pm every thursday. The adress is S:t Göransgatan 22, 1 floor down in the corner of the building. We will fika and barbeque, watch lbgt-films, play board games and play outdoors, be there for questions and advice, share experiences, hang out iand have fun in a safe and cozy enviroment.

It’s free, no alcohol and open for all ages! All lgbt-friendly persons are welcome and we want to stress that bisexual and transsexual/transgender persons are very welcome and can feel safe here. You who are not yet a member is also welcome – it will be possible to sign up for a membership on location. The fika costs 20 kronor if you’re not a member.

We experience that the local is not wheelchair accessible today and can be hard to access. The toliet can olny fit one person and has no baby dressing table. Do you have questions about accesability or want to help us find a better local? Call us on our cell or contact Warren on

Do you have questions or ideas for themes for our open house-nights? Don’t hesitate to contact us on our cell phone every tuesday-thursday from 5 to 7pm: 0762 836773 or email us on

Hope to see you thursday!

/The board

Visiting adress:
S:t Göransgatan 22, 1 floor down

The Trevor Project

15 Jun

”The Trevor Project is the leading national [USA] organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

The Trevor Project operates the only accredited, nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth. If you or a friend are feeling lost or alone, call The Trevor Helpline. There is hope, there is help.”

The number can be called from any country at any time even via Skype.

Gay Marriage Approved In Iceland

12 Jun
By On Top Magazine Staff
Published: June 11, 2010

The tiny island of Iceland (pop. 320,000) has legalized gay marriage.

Lawmakers unanimously approved the law on Friday, IceNews reported. Forty-nine of the country’s 63 members of the Althingi parliament voted in favor of the law. The remainder abstained.

The legislation is groundbreaking in that it does not alter marriage to a gender-neutral institution, but instead includes “man and man” and “woman and woman” among the definitions of marriage.

The bill was introduced on March 23 and couples are expected to marry as early as this month.

Marriage will replace Iceland’s system of registered partnerships for gay and lesbian couples first enacted in 1996.

The legislation goes to President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson for his signature. Reports indicate the president will sign the bill into law.

Opposition to the bill has been muted in the only nation headed by an openly lesbian prime minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir.

“The attitude in Iceland is fairly pragmatic,” Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson, a political scientist at the University of Iceland, told Reuters. “It [gay marriage] has not been a big issue in national politics – it’s not been controversial.”

Social Democrat Sigurdardottir took over the the reins of Iceland’s government last year after voters overwhelmingly rejected the conservative Independent Party that had ruled the country for 18 years.

Sigurdardottir entered a registered partnership with writer-playwright Jonina Leosdottir in 2002. She has two adult sons from a previous marriage.

Iceland joins six European countries – Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden and most recently Portugal – in legalizing gay marriage.

Rainy Day- Change of Plans

12 Jun

Today’s BBQ Picnic is being changed to a Fika at 15:00 at the cafe Storken on Stora Torget.

There will be a little rainbow flag on the table.

Hope to see you there!

Surgery no longer a requirement for changing gender on U.S. passport

10 Jun

Reposted from CNN:

Washington (CNN) — The U.S. State Department announced Wednesday a new policy that no longer requires passport applicants seeking a gender change to have undergone sexual reassignment surgery.

The policy, which goes into effect Thursday, allows a gender change with a certification from an attending physician.

The doctor’s certification must confirm only that the passport applicant has undergone treatment for gender transition. Limited-validity passports for applicants who are in the process of gender transition also will be available under the policy.

Previously, individuals had to provide documentation from a surgeon that sex reassignment surgery had been performed on them, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The announcement was made to coincide with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Month, the State Department said.