Call for Applications: Youth & Diversity: Does Gender Matter?

12 Jul

Call for Applications: Youth & Diversity: Does Gender Matter?

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is
pleased to invite young people from Council of Europe member states to
apply for participation in our training course “Youth and Diversity –
Does Gender Matter?”. The training course will take place from 9-14
September 2010 in The Hague, Netherlands.

Aims and Objectives:
• To bring youth organisations working on peace, multiculturalism and
intercultural dialogue from across Europe together
• To raise awareness on gender issues in Europe, especially among
youth organisations
• To analyze and debate the role youth organisations can have in
addressing gender issues in a multicultural society
• To introduce the participants to gender concepts, the importance of
gender and equality in peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue and
their work
• To help participants develop the adequate skills, knowledge and
tools needed for gender analysis and gender mainstreaming, in order
for them to be more gender sensitive
• To share best practices and lessons learned
• To promote community and solidarity as Europeans, and to fight
intolerance, prejudice and racism


The training course will take place over 4 days. A detailed programme
will be sent a few weeks prior to the training course.

We are looking for 20 people aged 18-30 from Council of Europe member states

Priority will be given to participants who…
– have experience in the fields of: youth work, peace building,
conflict transformation, mediation, social work, inter-cultural
learning or cultural diversity
– are currently active in an organisation, program or project in the
above fields
– have experience with working in conflict and post-conflict areas and
– are committed to multiply the outcomes of the training course in
their own work

Practical information

Where: The Hague, The Netherlands

When: 9-14 September (including arrival and departure days)

Language: The working language will be English.

Deadline for application: 18 July 2010

Please click on below link to fill in the application form:

Reimbursement of Participants’ Travel and Visa Costs: 70 % of travel
expenses (the cheapest route possible only) and visa costs are
reimbursed. Participants will be reimbursed on the basis of the least
expensive route between their place of residence and The Hague. In
order to be reimbursed, you are requested to present originals of all
the receipts/invoices for travel and visa costs as well as all the
tickets and boarding passes. Electronic tickets will only be
considered as acceptable on proof of payment and on presentation of
the boarding pass for the outward journey

Reimbursement takes place in Euros at the end of the training course.
Insurance expenses are not reimbursed. The participants should be
present for the entire session. Participants attending less than 80%
of the total duration of the session will not be reimbursed.

The cost of the visa is reimbursed upon presentation of a receipt. If
the participant has to travel to get visa, the cost of the travel or
agency fee can only be reimbursed if the participant has contacted
UNOY Peacebuilders in advance and it has been approved. In any other
cases the travel for the visa or the agency fee will not be

Participation fee: The participation fee for the training course is 50
Euros per person. This amount will be deducted from the amount
reimbursed from the travel expenses.

Accommodation and meals: Accommodation in a youth hostel (rooms of 2
and 4) and meals are provided.

If you are interested in joining the training course, please fill in
the application form by 18th of July 2010. We look forward to
receiving your application!

The training course is organised in partnership with the following

Fundació Privada Catalunya Voluntària

Barcelona FCV was founded in October 2007. It is a youth-led
foundation which collects the know-how and experience of BV. FCV
aspires to be a tool for non-formal learning by managing and
participating in projects of social interest and by offering young
people the opportunity to learn and gain competences through their
active participation in youth work. FCV´s commitment is to foster
volunteering, to develop youth activities of social benefit,
cooperation and to enhance the internationalisation of Catalan
organisations, being our regular activities to give information,
support, training and assistance to young people and NGOs and to
promote and manage international youth projects and initiatives.

Armenia Peace Dialogue NGO

Peace Dialogue is a new NGO registered in Armenia. It units people
from different countries, including Armenia, Russia,Georgia, and
Germany, who have worked for many years on peace-building in the
Caucasus at large and in their European respective countries. The
mission of Peace Dialogue is the promotion of the active participation
of civil society on regional, national, and international levels and
stimulation of a respectful dialogue between societies of conflicting
parties, with a long-term goal of contributing to a peaceful
resolution and prevention of conflicts.

Belarus SCAF

SCAF Youth Center is an independent think tank and resource center
focused on youth involvement in peacebuilding, violence prevention,
inter-ethnic confidence building, human rights and civic education.
There are 70 active youth in our organization. Some 500 young people
are involved annually in SCAF Youth Center activities.

HCA Vanadzor

HCA Vanadzor is a non political, non religious, non profit NGO which
unites individuals who admit the supremacy principles of democracy,
tolerance, pluralism and human rights as values. The mission of HCA
Vanadzor is the promotion and support for civil initiatives,
strengthening right protective and peace building activities on local,
national and regional levels. The vision of HCA Vanadzor is to form a
society where supreme values of human rights, democracy and peace are
respected. At present, 10 young people are involved in the activities
of our organization. For them and with them our organization realized
and realizes programs directed towards developing their potential in
the spheres of human rights protection and peace-building. As a rule
young people are involved as a result of our work with them in
different directions of our activity. Many young participants of
seminars and working discussions organized by us became our partners
in their locations. The thematic focus of HCA Vanadzor covers human
rights protection, support for civil initiatives and peace-building
both on local and regional (South Caucasus) levels

The training course is funded by the European Youth Foundation, Youth
in Action and Oxfam Novib

Lillian Solheim
Advocacy Coordinator
United Network of Young Peacebuilders
Laan van Meerdervoort 70,
2517 AN, The Hague,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)70 364 7799
Fax: +31 (0)70 362 2633

Please visit our news blog ( for our latest updates.



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