3rd European Transgender Council

28 Jul

Dear friends,

In so far as the summer vacation is fast approaching, we want to inform you concerning several practicalities relating to the 3rd European Transgender Council in Malmö, Sweden from 30 September to 3 October 2010. Funding and the draft program are secured. We are looking forward to an colourful mix of participants and speakers at the Malmoe University.

In each of the points described below you will find an email-address, ensuring that your message reaches the right person. Other questions regarding the Council, which are not dealt with in one of the topics, please write to tgeucouncil@rfsl.se

All information in this notification is also available at http://www.tgeu.org/council2010. We encourage you to regularly check back for news and up-dates.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon and wishing you a trans*fabulous summer in the mean time,

the Steering Committee of TGEU and
the Swedish Organizing Team of the 3rd European Transgender Council

Registration for participation at the Council

Registration to the participation at the 3rd European Transgender Council is now open on our website.


Besides the regular fee (€75), there is the supportive fee (€100), so as to enable the participation of those, who can only afford the reduced fee (€50).

Please note the ‘early bird’ rate (€65] for those registering and paying the normal registration fee until August 7th.

Your registration is complete with the arrival of the participation fee in our account:

Institute: Bank Swedbank

Name of the Account: TGEU

Owner of the account: RFSL Malmo

Account number: 8214-9 914 701 764-5

IBAN: SE07 8000 0821 4991 4701 7645


Any dietary requirements or other hindrances to participation (e.g. disabilities) or other necessary information are kindly requested to be included in the registration form.

Email to: tgeucouncil@rfsl.se for any further inquiries.


For those of you in need of a Visa, we advice to register as soon as possible with complete passport information, so that you can receive timely an invitation. Please bear in mind, that it is your personal responsibility to obtain a visa. If you are unsure about whether you need a visa, please clarify this before submitting your registration.


We are very happy to have secured extra funding mainly for trans activists from non-EU countries to attend the Council. Please check our website, if you qualify for obtaining a scholarship. You will also find a form, which we ask you to send filled in to scholarships@tgeu.org as soon as possible, but not later than August 18th.


Email to: Scholarships@tgeu.org for further information

Workshop application

For those wishing to contribute to the Council by presenting a workshop, you can do so on our website.


and register your workshop proposal online until August 8th.

Email to: Philippa@tgeu.org for further information.

General Assembly: http://www.tgeu.org/node/118

Traditionally, TGEU holds its General Assembly on the Saturday afternoon of the Council. Please see the program of the General Assembly on Oct 2nd. Whereas the meeting is open for everybody to attend, only those, who are full TGEU-members (groups and individuals) can participate in the vote, e.g. on questions such as the new steering committee and Executive Board and the revision of the TGEU Statutes.

Email to: tgeu@tgeu.org if you have further questions.

Members receive an invitation by email to the General Assembly. In case you do not receive an invitation, it means you are either not a member or your current email contact is not in our database. If are not sure whether you are a member or whether we have your correct address or whether you have paid your membership fees, please email to treasurer@tgeu.org.

Call for Candidates for Steering Committee and Executive Board

Call for nominations for individuals to stand for office for 2010 – 2012 can be found here: http://www.tgeu.org/node/141

Nominations are welcome until September 20th.

Email to: co-chair@tgeu.org

Revision of Statutes

The General Assembly will be asked to vote on a revision of the statutes. There will be a workshop at the Council dedicated to the Revision of the TGEU-Statutes. We encourage you to take due notice of the process of revising the TGEU-statutes. The proposed new version with an explanation of all proposed changes can be found at our website.


The deadline for further motions by the membership is August 22nd.

Email to: statutes@tgeu.org

Contact to the Council

For all other questions regarding the Council, which are not dealt with in one of the above mentioned sections, please write to tgeucouncil@rfsl.se .



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