Arkiv | september, 2010


23 Sep

Soon this semesters Welcome and Welcome back evening will be held, and this time at Kalmars nation’s top floor.

Come and learn more about SFQ this Tuesday 28/9 at 7.00 pm.
Hear the board introducing ourselves. Get to know old and new members. After the event those who want can follow down to the nation pub.

If you have any questions about the Welcome evening or anything else about SFQ just send us an email at
If you’re e.g. having troubles finding us at the 28th give us a call at 076 240 35 98.

Hope to see you all soon!


New eMail Address!

17 Sep

Please note our updated email address.

For any questions and to become a member, please contact us via mail now on:

Queer Seminar Sept 15 & 16

1 Sep

New semester, new events at Queerseminariet ; ) The two first events in our programme this fall concerns trans-issues and are being held in English:

15 september: Passing

…Signe Bremer, PhD student in ethnology at the Department of Cultural Studies, Gothenburg university, presents a draft chapter from her upcoming dissertation Bodily rooms of waiting, which deals with gender, power and the body in transsexual patients stories on their meeting with the Swedish state sanctioned gender reassignment health care system.

Chair: Ann-Sofie Lönngren, PhD in Comparative Literature, Uppsala university
Time: 18-20

Place: Lunchroom at the Department of Gender Studies, Uppsala university. House two, level one, Centre of the Humanities in the English Park.

The workshop is open to everybody as usual, but is also the kick-off for the conference Narratives of Health and Illness, Department of Gender Studies, Uppsala university. Therefore, the discussion is held in English. Everyone who is attending this event is invited to stay for a drink afterwards.

16 september: Roundtable: ”Narrating Bodies: Transgender Perspectives”
Signe Bremer, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Ulrica Engdahl, Linköping University, Sweden
Lukas Romson, KIM Kön, identitet, mångfald (Gender, Identity, Multiplicity),
Lasse Långström, Göteborgs Queerinstitut (Gothenburg Queer Institute),
Moderator: Peter Forsberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
Time: 11.30-12.45
Place: University House, Uppsala university, Lecture hall IX

OBS! This event is part of the conference Narratives of Health and Illness, Center of Gender Studies, Uppsala university. Participation in this workshop only does not require you to register, but you are encouraged to send an e-mail to to make sure the event is not full. To view the program för the whole conference go to

Welcome Back Pub Night!

1 Sep

There will be a pub night on Monday September 6 at GH Nation for both old and new members! There will be a more official Welcome Night event at the end of September, but we just couldn’t wait to have our first pub night of the year!

If you’ve never been to an SFQ pub night, no worries! The formula is quite simple. Some of the board members take little Pride flags to one of the nations’ pubs around 18:00 and claim a table for queers, transfolk and our straight, cisgender friends. Then you can come by at any time to have a drink or grab a bite to eat and hang out. It’s okay if you don’t know anybody before you get there– you will certainly know people before you leave!