Rainbow Mass -and- WILDE!

5 Okt

The 5th of November it’s time for this semesters first Rainbow Mass which is held by Universitetskyrkan.

Are you interested in helping with the organizing, e.g helping with ideas, putting up posters, read a short text or give out the sacramental!?

If so, you are welcome to the planning meetings at Universitetskyrkan, 1 floor in the same building as Uppsala Student Union. The meetings will be held:
– 13/10 15:30
– 22/10 14:30


Tomorrow, Wednesday, 6/10 = WILDE!

And we’re having a preparty, ofcourse 😀
18:30 at V-dala. We’ll have some drinks or what so ever and continue to Kalmar for some partying!!

Nation card is needed for V-dala as well as Kalmar.


2 svar to “Rainbow Mass -and- WILDE!”

  1. Emma 05 oktober 2010 den 20:09 #

    Hi guys,

    just a bit confused about the date of the rainbowmass…you mean 5th november right?

    And, I would love to join at wilde but at the moment I dont have a nationcard, so if anyone wants to meet up just for a cup of coffee or a beer at any other place sometime I am up for it!


    • sfquppsala 06 oktober 2010 den 12:36 #

      Hey Emma,
      oupps 5/11 is correct! My bad 😉

      Sorry you can’t come. I’m not sure you’ve got the time ‘til tonight..but for next Wilde, you can talk to Kalmars and get the possibility to be on the guest list.
      14/10 we will have a movie night where you don’t need a nation card to join. Hope you are able to come by then!

      See you/Anna


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