Gay/Lesbian Films at Uppsala Short Film Festival

26 Okt

This Friday and Saturday (October 29 and 30) the Uppsala Short Film Festival will be showing gay and lesbian short films. SFQ is arranging for us to go together on the 30th. The show starts at 21:00 and is at the Grand Theater. We also thought it might be nice to have a dinner together beforehand starting at 18:30. The details about the dinner will be available soon.

Here is information about the films being shown and how to buy a ticket. Be sure to buy a ticket soon!


29/10 – 19.00 Grand
30/10 – 21.00 Grand

The Armoire

The Armoire

Eleven-year-old Aaron plays a game of hide and seek in which his friend Tony is never found. Maybe hypnosis holds the key to the mystery of their relationship – and their queer attachment to the armoire.

CANADA 2009. Fiction. English dialogue, no subtitles. 22 min. DIRECTION: Jamie Travis

La Espinita

La Espinita

Marije gets worried when she discovers a health problem. The only one who can help her to solve the problem is her friend, the fishmonger.

SPAIN 2008. Fiction. French/Spanish/Basque dialogue, English subtitles. 8 min. DIRECTION: Tania Arriaga

Pink River

After ten years in London, Meri returns to Sarajevo to sell the house she’s inherited. As she meets Asja, her ex-girlfriend, she realises a lot has changed while she’s been gone.

BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA 2009. Fiction. Bosnian dialogue, English subtitles. 19 min. DIRECTION: Zacharias Mavroeidis

To The Marriage of True Minds

Separated upon their arrival in the United Kingdom, the reunion of two young Iraqi men depends on the shared memory of a sonnet by Shakespeare and a paper boat.

UK 2010. Fiction. English/Arabic dialogue, English subtitles. 11 min. DIRECTION: Andrew Steggall

Curious Thing

Curious Thing

This blend of love story, coming out story and documentary explores the emerging romance between Jared, a closeted gay man and Sam, the straight object of his desire.



Suddenly catapulted away from her stove, Yulia finds herself in a room containing only a series of levers fixed to the wall. By activating them, she starts a series of absurd events that will lead her to her heart’s desire.

FRANCE 2009. Animation. No dialogue. 5 min. DIRECTION: Antoine Arditti

Please Stay

Please Stay

After another session of hot sex, Mikkel’s boyfriend has suddenly called an end to their relationship. Mikkel doesn’t understand it. He wants to know why.

DENMARK 2009. Fiction. Danish dialogue, English DIRECTION: Søren Grinderslev Hansen

Franswa Sharl

Franswa Sharl

When his dad’s competitive streak gets out of hand Greg finds that remaining the number one son requires a certain amount of ingenuity.

AUSTRALIA 2009. Fiction. English dialogue, no subtitles. 14 min. DIRECTION: Hannah Hilliard

Tickets are sold for each screening. To take part in the festival, you have to be over 15 years old and get a membership. The membership is included in the festival pass or the first ticket. Ticket for one screening: 90 SEK Small festival pass (three screenings): 200 SEK Large festival pass (all screenings): 400 SEK

Tickets are sold in advance at Uppsala Public Library, October 15-24. Mon-Fri 12-18, Sat 12-16, Sun 13-16. During the festival, tickets are sold at the festival centre at Grand, Mon-Sun from 10.30 until the start of the last screening of the day.

During the festival week, you can book tickets by calling the ticket office at Grand on 0765-54 62 43.

Slottsbiografen (Nedre Slottsgatan 6), Grand (Trädgårdsgatan 5), Regina (Trädgårdsgatan 6) and Fågel Blå (Filmstaden, cinema 10, festival entrance from Trädgårdsgatan).

During the festival, the Guest and Press Offices are located at Grand, opening hours Mon-Fri 9-19, Sat-Sun 10-19. The Video Library will also be located at Grand and will be open Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat-Sun 10-18



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