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World AIDS Day December 1- Uppsala Event

30 Nov

Kondoma Mera! och Uppsala Studentkår uppmärksammar,
tillsammans med Universitetskyrkan, MR-nätverket och Uppsala
läns landsting, World Aids Day den 1 december.


Ljusmanifestation på Stora Torget i Uppsala

Candle Light Vigil at Stora Torget in Uppsala

kl. 14-16.
Föreläsningar i Stadsbiblioteket

Lectures at the City Library
kl. 16-17 Carolina Sven Orre från RFSL – ”Fakta om HIV” Facts About HIV
kl. 17-18 Roxanna Sjöstedt, doktorand Freds- och konfliktforskning – ”AIDS – en säkerhetspolitisk fråga?” AIDS- a question of security policy?
kl. 18-19 Ola Ståhle från Posithiva gruppen – ”Att leva med HIV” Living with HIV

Mingel med buffé på Orange Mingle Buffet at Club Orange
kl. 19-22 – DJ: Mirjam Näsén från klubb SELMA, samt DJ-duon PLAY!

De 50 första personerna som kommer på föreläsningarna får gratis mingelbuffé på Orange!

The 50 first people who arrive at the lectures may attend the Mingle Buffet at Club Orange for free!

More about World AIDS Day and Events in Stockholm:



Pub night at Smålands

29 Nov

Tomorrow (Tuesday) are all of you welcome to join SFQ’s pub night at Smålands from 18.30:)
Hope to see as many of you as possible!!

Nations card is needed

trans day of remembrance

19 Nov

Come join us fight prejudice and hatred!

Today at 18 00 there will be a manifestation on the stora torget in uppsala for TDoR, a day to remember all the people who have been killed because of transphobia.

Last Week to Sign Up for Norredatorpet!

15 Nov

If you’re planning to join the SFQ camping trip to the University cabins November 26-27 (Friday-Saturday) this is the last week to sign up! You have to send an e-mail to by Friday in order to be included on the list of people coming.

There will likely be a small fee to help cover the cost of dinner and breakfast. The exact amount will depend on how many folks come along but it will not be more than 100,-

SFQ does not have a policy about the sexuality or gender of those who may become members or participate in SFQ activities. Anyone who believes in the values of the SFQ organization is welcome to attend (i.e. Yes, you can come if you’re straight. And yes, you can invite your straight friends.)


Poly in Uppsala!

13 Nov

There are two groups in Uppsala for people who practice polyamory, relationship anarchy, open relationships or general slutiness! One is the Poly/RA Fika group and the other is the Poly/RA Book Circle. Both groups are a mix of straight and queer people– a diversity of sexualities and genders can be found there! People who are simply curious about alternative relationship styles or just like to meet new and interesting people are also welcome to join.

Information about both groups can be found online:

Queer Christmas Party December 23!

13 Nov

SFQ and RFSL are hosting a joint Christmas party on December 23! If you would like to help out with the planning, decorating or in some other way, send an e-mail to: uppsala(at)

(English invitation below)

Är du trött på bara grönt och rött?

Då kanske en  REGNBÅGSFÄRGAD JUL är något för dig!
I så fall har du tur.
I år erbjuder RFSL Uppsala med hjälp av SFQ Uppsala

torsdag 23 december

Ett julfirande så som vi vill ha det.
Gamla tradidtioner, nya traditioner, inga traditioner, sånt som inte
blivit tradition än. Befriat från normer som vi inte ställer upp på.
En regnbågsfärgad jul för alla som vill komma. Gamla, unga och alla

Det blir mat, musik, spel, skratt, värme och ljus!

Så boka in dagen före julafton redan nu och hjälp oss att få ett
underbart slut på en härlig termin.

Mer information kommer senare.
Har du förslag på hur vi ska göra det här till ett bra och roligt
julfirande för alla? Skriv till oss på och dela dina
idéer med oss!

Gratis för alla medlemmar i RFSL och SFQ

Fed up with only green and red?

Is a Rainbow coloured Christmas more to your liking?
You are lucky.
This year RFSL Uppsala and SFQ Uppsala gives you

Queer Christmas
thursday 23 december

A christmascelebration the way we want it.
Old traditions, new traditions, no traditions, thing that has not yet
become traditions. Free from the norms that we do not accept.

A rainbowcoloured christmas for everyone who wants to come. Old, young
and everyone in between.

There will be food, music, games, laughter, warmth and light.

Reserve the day before Christmas Eve in you calendars now and be a
part of makinga wonderful end to an awesome semester.

More information will come.
Do you have suggestions about how to make this a fun and nice
christmascelerbation for all? Write to us on uppsala(at) and share
your ideas with us.

Free for all members of RFSL and SFQ


Women’s role for the promotion of Democracy, Peace and Development

8 Nov

The 17th of November at 18:00 will a lecture series and panel discussion about women’s role for the promotion of democracy, peace and development be held at the University building room 10. One of the lecturer is Mahnaz Afkhami who is the founder and president of Women’s Learning Partnership.


More info at the