Arkiv | februari, 2011

Pub night

13 Feb


At Tuesday 15/2 it’s time for another pub night.

This time at V-dala at 18.30


Join 😀


Regnbågsmässa – Rainbow Mass

9 Feb

Universitetskyrkan, SFQ Uppsala and RFSL Uppsala proudly presents this semesters first Regnbågsmässa!

18:00 at Helga trefaldighetskyrkan this Sunday (13/2)

The theme is: För kärlekens skull

Note: In swedish

Made of Awesome

1 Feb

Where to Go in Stockholm: Högkvarteret

1 Feb

Looking for a queer hang out in Stockholm? Check out the Högkvarteret website for more information!

What is Högkvarteret?
Högkvarteret is the kind of bar you drop by after work to grab a beer and some really good food.

Högkvarteret is the kind of club where every night you hear the music you dig, see performers you admire, and dance your ass off to sounds you never even knew existed.

Högkvarteret is the kind of gallery where wild new work from emerging artists hangs on the walls, plays on the screens, and occasionally asks for your participation.

Högkvarteret is the kind of space where girls can be boys and boys can be Werewolves, where girls can be boys and boys stay home, and where girls can be boys and boys can be totally objectified.
Högkvarteret is the kind of space where feminist and queer art, performance and music isn’t a sideshow, its the main attractions. Not just on special nights – every night.

Who visits Högkvarteret?
You do. All of you artists, activists, acrobatists, amoralists, dykes, fags, fag hags, musicians, producers, curators, organizers, synthesizers, promoters, showboaters, poets, pushers,moviemakers, moneymakers, shakers, debaters, authors, amateurs, professionals, moms, dads,grandparents, Swedes, Slovaks, collectors, collectives, loners, winners & losers.
Högkvarteret is the welcoming living room of all the fine arty & party people of Stockholm. Please, make yourself at home. Want your run of the place for a night? Pitch us a fantasy and we’ll help make it come true. Our doors are open. Tuesday thru Saturday. Närkesgatan 8, Stockholm.

Who headlines at Högkvarteret?
You do. At Högkvarteret the obstacles between visitors and stage are blurry, and we present a wide spectrum of expressions, aestethics and art. Hundreds of artists have headlined Högkvarteret so far, amongst them:

Les Reines Prochaines / Benny Ninja / Sister Spit / Taxi Taxi / Anna Järvinen / Tikkle Me / Rikard Wolff / Zhala+ Namo / Silvana SoloPop CobP*fectRoses and BeansBangAmy von HarringtonCapricious MagazineVidretBobby PinrockerVanja HermeleÖFAAbjeezPirothDorian WoodTru BlooAjahKids of the ranchFestibyn / Josefin BrinkKlas IngelazSvenska SyndenAsha Ali / Cupcake Experience / Elias and the WizzkidsJaw Lesson / HajenHägerstens BotaniskaSusanne OstenPaloma MadridArena BauboSvenska Flickan / Tiina Rosenberg / Frida Selander / Zibur Love is a burning thing TIR Meshuggahbabes