Guy Night May 6th!

25 Apr

May 6 2011: 18:00-?: Lapplandsresan 15A

Warren is hosting a guy night at his apartment. There is a small garden for sitting outside and having a barbecue and enjoying some drinks! You are welcome to bring your guy friends, boyfriends, partners, husbands, crushes, flirts etc as well as something tasty to drink or eat to share. Let’s have a range of good things to juicy hamburgers to delicious vegan dishes so that there is something for everyone. He also has a wide selection of gay themed movies, so if folks want to get cozy as the night goes on– putting on a film is a definite possibility 🙂

The apartment is accessible by wheelchair. The language of the evening will be English (if a film is shown English subtitles will be available). Trans folk are welcome (considering the host is transgender, if you have transphobic tendencies this is probably not the event for you). It is also essential that you remember not to bring any racism with you– racist jokes in particular should  be left at home.

There is a dog! His name is Alfred. He will be present. He is big but very nice 🙂

No cameras! Let’s make sure this is a welcoming group for guys who are just beginning to question their sexuality or are still in the closet.

To get there take bus 5 from the city (central station) and hop off at the stop called Lapplandsresan.

Questions? E-mail Warren at

See you then!



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