Arkiv | november, 2011

World AIDS day

28 Nov

On Thursday, december 1st it’s World AIDS Day, where accross the world attention is brought to AIDS and HIV and how it affects people. Here in Uppsala, there are going to be a manifestation, a lecture and a film screening among other things. SFQ will be attending from the manifestation at Stora Torget at 11.00 am, so feel free to seek us out. If you don’t have time or want to attend during the rest of the day, most of the activities will be held at Slottsbiografen

For more info, see RFSL’s website here:
or the facebook page here:!/event.php?eid=144274675673236

Transgender day of rememberance

20 Nov

The Transgender day of rememberance falls on the 20th of November each year and was founded in 1998 to memorialize the people who have been killed due to Transphobia. It has since grown into an international event and in Sweden specifically, the scope has broadened to discrimination, unjust laws and other human rights violations that happen to those of us who don’t follow the norms set around gender and sex. Today there will be lectures, workshops and activities held in Stockholm – more information can be found here:

Our thoughts and hearts go out to those of you suffering because of transphobia. We set our hopes to putting an end to all of this, and offer our deepest gratitude and highest praise to all of you amazing people who are already turning the tide.

Queer club PULS tonight

18 Nov

Tonight PULS is back again! As usual, they’ll be at Östgöta Nation from 19.00 to 01.00. Entry fee is 20 crowns for nation members and 60 for non nation members. Oh, and tonight the theme will be the color Pink!

Time for another Pub night!

11 Nov

On Thursday the 17th, we’ll have a pub night at Kalmar nation. From 18.00 you’re more than welcome to sit down with us and have a bite to eat, something soft or strong to drink, and socialise!

Hope to see you there!

Lovisa and Marie

Rainbow mass

7 Nov

Wether you are on the religious side or feel drawn to the comfort of an LGBTQ friendly service, the Rainbow mass on wednesday, that is the 9th of November could be for you. The service starts at 18.00 in Helga Trefaldighets kyrka and will likely be mostly in Swedish. We’ll be there as well to inform about SFQ, so if you’re curious to know more about us it’s a good time to come.

Lovisa and Marie