Arkiv | november, 2012

Queer Speedmeet at Östgöta Nation, 21 november 2012, 7 pm.

11 Nov

New in town and looking for new friends?

Looking for a fika-friend?

Looking for a training friend at the gym? Or someone to jog with?

Looking for someone to share your hobby with?

Looking for love? …


Then the Queer Speed Meet is what you need!

The purpose of the Speed Meet is to give you the opportunity to meet a lot of (new) people in a very short time. It is not particularly meant for people looking for a partner or a “date”. Its primary goal is to let you find a lot of (new) friends. But of course: romances are allowed to happen! The plan is to let everyone have a one-on-one conversation of 2-3 minutes with about 75 percent or more of the people attending. In this way you meet a lot of people that you maybe wouldn´t have met otherwise! Afterwards there will be enough time to continue chatting.


The Speed Meet will be held at Östgöta Nation (trädgårdsgatan 15) at 7 pm. More precisely: on the ground floor, immediately to the left when entering the building (it´s where they usually have their Sunday fika). We will have this place for ourselves.


Please be on time because it´s important to catch the explanations before the Speed Meet starts, and that everyone is present when we start, because you can only join later if someone is willing to give you his/her spot.


No registration is needed, but it would be nice to know how many participants we can expect (for our preparations), so please do tell on our facebookgroup if you already know you want to attend.


SFQ will bring some soda pop and snacks. If you are very hungry, you can buy something upstairs ( but it is probably best to do this before or after the actual speed meet).


Time schedule (can change slightly)

19.00 welcome

19.10 explanation of the evening and other preparations

19.20 kick off (round 1)

20.10 short break 20.20 round 2

20.50 end round 2 (and end of Speed Meet). Time for chatting with your (new) friends or the ones you didn´t talk to during the speed meet! And playing piano for those who want to!