Arkiv | februari, 2013

Upcoming: Queer Speed Meet on Tuesday 26th February at Värmlands Nation at 7 pm

22 Feb

Just a reminder for the awesome Queer Speedmeet on Tuesday! Scroll down to the previous post about the speedmeet for all details. Hope to see you there!

SFQ Uppsala


Rainbow mass on Sunday at 6 pm

22 Feb

Rainbow mass on Sunday at 6 pm

Upcoming activities

11 Feb

13th february Queerpub at Uplands nation
20th february Movie Night at Kalmars nation
26th february Speed Meet at Värmlands nation
2nd march Preparty to Wilde

See for details our facebook group!

Queer Speed Meet on tuesday 26th february at 7 pm at Värmlands Nation

11 Feb

New in town and looking for new friends?
Looking for a fika-friend?
Looking for a training friend at the gym? Or someone to jog with?
Looking for someone to share your hobby with?
Looking for love?

Then the Queer Speed Meet is what you need!

After a very successful Queer Speed Meet last autumn, SFQ organizes another Queer Speed Meet this semester! The purpose of the Speed Meet is to give you the opportunity to meet a lot of (new) people in a very short time. It is not particularly meant for people looking for a partner or a “date”. Its primary goal is to let you find a lot of (new) friends. But of course: romances are allowed to happen!

You will have a private 3-minute conversation with all participants and in this way meet a lot of people that you maybe wouldn´t have met otherwise! Afterwards there will be enough time to continue chatting.

The Speed Meet will be held at Värmlands Nation (Ingmar Bergmansgatan 2) at 7 pm in “biblioteket” (“the library”) and we will have this place for ourselves. This is located in “Stora huset” (“the big house” ). You enter the building through a big brown door, then take the stairs and then just continue your way until you reach “biblioteket”. There will be SFQ-posters to guide you through the building.

Please be on time because it´s important to catch the explanations before the Speed Meet starts, and that everyone is present when we start, because it´s not possible to fit you in the rotation system after we started.

SFQ will bring some soda pop and snacks. If you are very hungry, you can buy something in the pub ( but it is probably best to do this before or after the actual speed meet).

Depending on how many people participate we either do one bigger round or two smaller rounds with a short break in between.

Time schedule:
19.00 welcome
19.10 explanation of the evening and other preparations
19.20 kick off!
Around 20.30 end of actual Speed Meet. Time for chatting with your (new) friends!

Don´t miss it!