SFQ Uppsala starts with Queer Guy Nights!

6 Mar

Hej everyone!

In order to give some more attention to our male members, SFQ has added a special kind of activity to its repertoire: the so called Queer Guy Nights. It is our aim to organize it regularly; depending on the success and need, every second, third or fourth week. The first SFQ Queer Guy Night will be held on Thursday 7th of March at 7 pm. I will be an evening at someone´s home, playing board games, having a drink, chatting or just chilling. The members can influense what kind of activities we will do next, so maybe a pick nick or barbecue later this year, or whatever you guys come up with. For more information, for instance the location of the first guy night, mail to sfq@sfq.studorg.uu.se or join our facebookgroup SFQ Uppsala and post your questions there.




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