September 22 – 29

30 Sep

So, the pub-evening at V-Dala was nice with about 15 people turning up! Keep up the good attendance 😉

This week we won’t have any social activities. However, some of us are going to the LGBTQ-club Shylips on Friday the 4th at Klubb Orange (Svartbäcksgatan 29). We will not have a pre-party, but still recommend this!
Other than that, Universitetskyrkan (The University Church) with the help of SFQ Uppsala have organized a Regnbågsmässa (Rainbow mass)! That will be a service held in Helga Trefaldighets kyrka with music and an LGBTQ perspective on Sunday (Oct. 6th 18:00)

That would be all for this week! See you soon!
Lots of hugs ❤



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