Arkiv | oktober, 2013

20 – 27 October

28 Okt

This week’s activities all took place at the wonderful Kalmar’s Nation who always are nice enough to give us access to their rooms! We had a board game’s night last Tuesday, and then a Sunday fika at the end of the week.

The upcoming Wednesday 30th we will have a movie evening (also at Kalmar’s) at 19:00 😀  The theme is lesbian movies, but exactly which movie we will show is a surprise (writing this is just another way of saying that the board hasn’t yet decided which one of our many options we have chosen)! 😉

Don’t get too scared of all the Halloween stuff going on in town, and don’t eat too much candy… Or do so…
Anyways, hugz! ❤


October 13 – 20

20 Okt

Hello hello!
I pleases me to say that a week where we’ve only had one event feels like an eventless week since we have gotten used to a lot of activity, and that’s great! 😀

This week we’ve only had a pub evening at V-dala which was incredibly nice with about 15 people showing up.
There was also supposed to be a movie evening that SFQ were going to attend to, but sadly it got cancelled.

The upcoming week we have a board game night on Tuesday at Kalmar’s nation at 19:00 where we’ll enjoy some games and nice people 🙂
We are also planning on going to the Sunday fika at kalmar’s next sunday at 11:45 -ish (some of us will be there at 11:30 to assure that we get a good place in the line which allways is brutal!

So see you there! ;D
Kram kram kram

October 6 – 13

14 Okt

We’ve had a great week filled with glitter, glamour, excitement and new and friendly faces! 😀

Last Thursday we had the Speet Meet at Vermland’s Nation with 26 people attending! Everything went smoothly and I must say we are one bunch of very nice people 🙂  After the Speet Meet SFQ moved on to Göteborg’s Nation for karaoke, which is something we will definitely want to do again soon!

The ever so fabulous club Wilde lit up the sky of Uppsala with rainbow-thinking and LGBTQ open-mindedness this Saturday. After an absolutely entrancing pre party at Östra Ågatan we went to Kalmar’s and danced the night away 😀

More mysiga events lie before us, we’ll just have to endure the days between them!
See you!
Hugs from SFQ Uppsala

September 29 – October 6

7 Okt

The board met this week and managed to plan activities and events all the way up until mid-November! 😀  And oh, how many fun things we will do together! Check ”Kalendarium/Events” to see what we have planned in the near future.

SFQ Uppsala attended the Rainbow mass (Regnbågsmässan) which was a service in church with a LGBTQ-perspective. Universitetskyrkan who organize the Rainbow mass always do a good job, and this year was no exception.


We will see you all soon!