October 13 – 20

20 Okt

Hello hello!
I pleases me to say that a week where we’ve only had one event feels like an eventless week since we have gotten used to a lot of activity, and that’s great! 😀

This week we’ve only had a pub evening at V-dala which was incredibly nice with about 15 people showing up.
There was also supposed to be a movie evening that SFQ were going to attend to, but sadly it got cancelled.

The upcoming week we have a board game night on Tuesday at Kalmar’s nation at 19:00 where we’ll enjoy some games and nice people 🙂
We are also planning on going to the Sunday fika at kalmar’s next sunday at 11:45 -ish (some of us will be there at 11:30 to assure that we get a good place in the line which allways is brutal!

So see you there! ;D
Kram kram kram


3 svar to “October 13 – 20”

  1. sfquppsala 20 oktober 2013 den 16:54 #

    The board game night is on tuesday the 22nd 🙂

    • T 20 oktober 2013 den 20:40 #

      Hi! Is the board game night (and fika this Sunday) open for non-students? Me and my sambo are staying in Uppsala until the end of the month so I looked up lgbt Uppsala, found you, and wanted to find out if we could join your events 🙂

      • sfquppsala 21 oktober 2013 den 13:56 #

        Answered you in an e-mail 🙂


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