October 27 – November 3

4 Nov

Hi all!
I hope the autumn darkness hasn’t stopped your rainbow-colours from simply radiating out of your bodies and help spread open-mindedness and make all of our lives just a little bit better! We at SFQ Uppsala most certainly will never let that happen 🙂

Last week we organized a movie night at Kalmar’s Nation with a lesbian themed movie called ”Fingersmith” 😀
And this week we have a pub evening planned at Småland’s Nation on Tuesday at 19:00 which we all know will be very pleasant! Other than that we are co-operating with RFSL Uppsala with an upcoming manifestation on the Transgender Day of Remeberance which will take place on Thursday 31st of November. But before that we will have fika and prepare lanterns and other props! This will be done this week, on this Thursday the 7th at 18:00 at Västra Ågatan 16. The facebook event for this event is:

Hope seeing you all this Tuesday at Småland’s!
Hugs from SFQ Uppsala! ❤



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