17 – 24 November

24 Nov

This week has been eventful not only in Uppsala! Last Wednesday was the Transgender Day of Rememberance with a gathering at Stora torget to honor the transgender people who have had to suffer for what they are.

And last weekend, some of us on the board of SFQ Uppsala went to Stockholm to represent our branch in SFQ’s general assembly. It was so inspiring to meet other local branches and hear what types of activities and projects they have!
One of the most important discussions we had over the weekend was on norms. We talked about how we, as and organization, can work against the social norms in society that limits our gender identities and sexualities (amongst other things). We also talked about the norms in our organization and how we need to scrutinize our own work and way of thinking so that we don’t create or enhance the norms in our own community.

If you want to read more about what we discussed during the assembly, the protocol will be up on SFQ’s website (http://www.hbtqstudenterna.se/) soon.

We finished the week with the first SFQ house party dressed either in clothes for sleeping or for an evening at the castle. About 25 or so showed up, and we had a very nice time together, in my case all the time until 2 am! 😀

Next week we will have a board game’s night at Gotland’s nation at 19:00! Other than that we can recommend the LGBTQ-club Shylips which will be held at Klubb Orange this Friday. Some of us from SFQ will probably go there, so if you want to come as well, send us a message! 🙂

Until next time: hugs, hugs and hugs! ❤

1461909_10152083631194343_415241281_n SFQ Assembly in Stockholm

702328_10152083631189343_1272202737_nTransgender Day of Rememberance



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