Arkiv | december, 2013

December 8 – 15

17 Dec

Last week before winter holidays kick in with its oh so welcomed break from all of the studying. Sadly, it will also be a break from SFQ’s activities :/

This weekend was livened up by the fabulous Club Wilde at Kalmars Nation which always delivers! 😀

The upcoming week will have our last event of the year: a Potluck-fika with BYOF (Bring-Your-Own-Fika) 😀  This will take place at Studentstaden (near Folke’s) at 19:00 on Tuesday. If you want to attend, send a message to Nils Strandberg Mäkitalo on facebook and he’ll give you the exact address.

I will write one more entry next year, so this isn’t a goodbye… Not yet!
Hugs and hugs ❤
SFQ Uppsala


December 1 – 7

9 Dec

We are drawing closer to the end of semester and I suppose you are all as busy as the board has been lately… But I am sure that if we just hang in there a couple of weeks more, we will be rewarded with a sense of wellness from having completed yet another year as students in Uppsala 😀

This Wednesday we had a movie night at Kalmar Nation with the movie ”But I’m a Cheerleader”. And you know what? After this upcoming week, we’re down to our last activity for the year! I think we all can agree that a good finish for the year is going to club Wilde this Saturday 😀  SFQ Uppsala usually has a pre party, but since the board is quite busy, we will not be in someone’s home, but instead have pre drinks at a nation! So:
Next Saturday we are going to Smålands Nation’s pub at 19:30 and then move on to Wilde ^^

Our final event of the year will be a bring-your-own-fika evening at Kalmars Nation next Tuesday 17th at 19:00! SFQ Will bring some fika, but there are many mouths to feed, so do bring your own as well and we’ll have have a big fika-feast 😀

Hope to see you all at least once before the end of this year!
Lots of hugs
SFQ Uppsala ❤

24 November – 1 December

3 Dec

Happy 1:st Advent everybody!! I hope you’ve all had a nice week and stay awake even though the sun is setting sooner and sooner…

This week SFQ had a board game night last Wednesday with some really funny games! The day after that some of us attended the Fyrisbiografen to watch a LGBTQ-themed French movie which according to the board had some great and some not so great parts… But all in all a good film 🙂

Next week we will have a movie night on Wednesday at Kalmars Nation. We will show ”But I’m a Cheerleader” at 19:00 in the TV-room there 😀

Hope seeing you!
Hugs ❤