Arkiv | februari, 2014

February 23 – March 2

25 Feb

Hi y’all! A whole week without seeing you… Good thing we don’t have to cancel our events often :p

So, the Gay Themed Movie Night will be this Thursday at 19:00 at Kalmar Nation and the movie shown will be From Beginning to End. For more specs about the movie, follow the link on our Facebook event or just google it 😉
After the movie we might go down to the bar if we feel like it.

Hope to see as many of you as possible there, cuz i’m told it is a really memorable film!

P.S. Bringing fika is never frowned upon…


Attention: Regarding the Gay Movie Night

19 Feb

The planned Gay Movie Night tomorrow the 20th will be postponed until next week, possibly Thursday 27th 19:00 at Kalmar nation. Hopefully that will be a better time for all of us, we hope this hasn’t caused you any inconvenience  :-]

Hope seeing you soon!

February 17 – 23

17 Feb

I don’t know about you, but I had an amazing weekend! Valentine’s Day on the Friday with the ever so fabulous club Wilde with the SFQ pre-party, and then the whole of Saturday and Sunday to rest 🙂
We are really happy with the high attendance on our events, it is all of you wonderful members who help make SFQ Uppsala the fantastic social meeting-ground that is it ❤

This Thursday at 19:00 we are having a movie night at Kalmar nation with the movie From Beginning to End (Do començ ao fim). I have been recommended this film by several friends, and it promises beautiful scenes with a meaningful meaning and norm-breaking story. The event for the movie night can be found in our Facebook group, but you can come even without attending the event. Come enjoy the movie with us 😀

Hugs and hugs
SFQ Uppsala

February 10 – 17

10 Feb

O’hen o’hen o’hen   (a gender-neutral version of the old proverb ”O’boy” using the Swedish gender-neutral pronoun ”hen”)!!! We’ve had a super nice start of the semester with a lot of people attending our activities, like the fika last Sunday with over 15 people.

And now gentlemen, gentleladies and gentlehens, it’s time for the first club Wilde (LGBTQ-club at Kalmar Nation) of the year, and it’s on Valentine’s day this Friday 😀  It is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of fabulous people, and we can look forward to a fantastic pre-party at Östra Ågatan starting at 19:00. The theme will be hearts and love and hugs and kisses and just general good and warm feelings towards each other. Decorations have already started being put up and I know I’m looking forward to it!
For the exact address, attend our Facebook event or ask us here on the blog 🙂

So, see you all there! 😀
Hugs from SFQ

February 3 – 10

3 Feb

With fairs and welcoming event all successfully completed, we now officially declare this semester started!! 😀
It was super nice to meet all you new students, and the old ones, of course!
So, for our first activity we are meeting for the Sunday Fika at Kalmar nation as we see this as an important part of Swedish culture and want the experience to be a pleasant one for the newcomers to this country, and as for us Swedes… We just love fika :p
So, Kalmar nation Sunday 9th at 11:45 (the fika starts at 12:00, but as it is a very popular event, the queue grows quickly so we always meet earlier)

We are looking forward to getting to know you all better and spend more time with you!
Hugs from SFQ