23 – 30 March

25 Mar

Let’s all make a collective promise, ok? Let’s promise to banish the cold and snow from this spring by being as warm and hot as is (super)humanly possible! Bring on the hottness, I say 😀

We had our brainstorming-fika last tuesday, and even though almost only board members showed up, we got some good brainstorming going!  We agreed to improve SFQ Uppsala in some ways (for more info, ask us), and one new event – Eurovision Bingo!

Tonight there will be the ever so awaited Waffle Dinner at Östra Ågatan starting at 18:00 😀  There will be waffles, rasberry jam, whipped cream, sugar and cinnamon, nutella, chocolate syrup, berries and vanilla ice cream!! I know I’d never be able to say no to that 😉

Next Thursday (April 3:rd) we will have this semester’s Speedmeet at Gotland Nation starting at 19:00. We will have a tight schedule in a rotational manner so that everyone gets to talk to everyone. If you show up late there is a risk that you can’t join the rotation unless someone else leaves, so be on time.

Next week there is also Club Wilde at Kalmar Nation again! We hope to have an SFQ Pre-Party even this time, but it has kind of caught us off guard… But we’ll see what we can do 🙂

So see you tonight, or some other time!! 😀
And happy Waffle’s Day everybody! Waffle-hugs ❤



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