April 27 – May 11

6 Maj

Hey everybody!
I hope you had a good Valborg! I did, so I completelly missed last week’s blog entry ;-p

Well luckily that week was rather uneventfull when it comes to SFQ Uppsala activities, but not so when it comes to Uppsala city 😉

The rest of the semester is now planned, and we only have a few things left:

IDAHOT (Internationall Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) is Saturday 17th May! SFQ Uppsala, RFSU and Amnesty will be standing at Gamla torget to inform bypassers of this day and also talk to them about certain cases and hand out flyers. So Gamla torget will be the place to be on the 17th!

Thursday 22nd May it is time for the annual meeting for all members where the new board is appointed. As it is now, SFQ Uppsala won’t be able to continue its work if no new board members come, so if you are interested or know someone who might be, don’t hesitate to come to the meeting and join the board 🙂

To celebrate the end of the semester and to say goodbye and thank you to the board memebers that will resign, we will have a summery picnic in Ekonomikumparken on Sunday 25th May! The more the merrier, so come and bring you friends (and something to picnic and sit on) and enjoy the sun with us! If the weather gods are angry, we’ll take the picnic inside and enjoy the nice heat from the radiators instead 😀

Hugs to you all ❤



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