September 29 – October 6

1 Okt


From what I have heard, the board game night last week was a super cozy evening with around 15 people attending. Games were played, sodas were drunk and laughs were… laughed 😉

The fika at Kalmar’s was as delicious as always, I myself had a daim cheesecake and blueberry pie ^.^

Next week we have two things planned. Firstly, there is a Pub evening at ÖG nation on tuesday at 19:00
ÖG have a really nice, newly renovated, basement where you can have a drink, something to eat, or why not play foosball? 😀

Secondly, we will have a discussion group in colaboration with Universitetskyrkan (The University Church) and Unitas. We will discuss religion and LGBTQI related issues and how those affects our views on family, companionship and society. We promise you an incredibly interesting evening with good discussions and free fika!
It will take place at Prästgårdssalen at Odinslund 4 (next to the small church) at 19:00 🙂
We want you all to come if you are open-minded and know how to maintain a respectful discussion.

Big hugs, and see you soon!
Sfq Uppsala


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