October 6 – 13

9 Okt

Very nice week, very nice indeed 🙂

We had a 3 hour pub evening with some 20 people attending last Tuesday at ÖG’s basement. Except for the loud foosball players right next to our table we had a wonderful time! It was nice meeting some new people as well 😀  We also collected 160 SEK for Musikhjälpen to help in the fight against the spread of HIV! Love to all those donating ❤  It will be possible to donate on all our events until December. Any spare change or sums of money is deeply appreciated :'-)

This Wednesday we had a discussion group about LGBTQ and religion in society together with Universitetskyrkan and UNITAS. It was incredibly interesting! About 25 people were there, and the fika was great!

People, it is time… It's time for the first queer club Wilde of the semester! And as frosting on the already delicious cupcake that is Wilde, SFQ Uppsala is hosting the queerest pre-party in Uppsala! 😀
We already have 31 attending, 21 maybies and you never know how many more show up! 😉
There will be snacks and soda, a glitter station, fabulous lights and wonderful people! So come to Östra Ågatan 9 at 19:00 on Saturday ^.^
(Nation card is needed for the club, not for the pre-party)

Next week we will also go to Bowlaget for some bowling together. We will go when the price per person is only 30 SEK, but SFQ Uppsala has decided to pay for all members! So its free for members, 30 SEK for everyone else, or they can become members on site for only 50 SEK 😉
We will go bowling on Sunday 19th, but we will book the lanes before that, so the deadline for signing up is Tuesday 14th 23:59. You can sign up by messaging us or writing on the facebook event.
If you sign up we will book for you too, so please don't sign up if you won't be able to come :-]

We will see you all soon!
Hugs SFQ Uppsala



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