Arkiv | november, 2014

Nov 20 – 30

28 Nov

Hi all!

This Transgender Day of Remembrance all the different organisations of Uppsala did a wonderful job to support victims of transphobia and inform the public about the trans community. A lot of people attended and many beautiful lanterns were made and lit.

The Rainbow Evening that took place last Wednesday was a success, just like the first one. About 15 people came, and had very interesting conversations around the topic ”How Open Can we Be?”.

This Saturday there will be a party at Interpool to support the notion that no one is illegal, and that everybody deserves the same rights. Some of the organisations that arrange this party are ”Nätverket Ingen människa är illegal” and ”Latinamerikanska grupperna” with whom SFQ Uppsala has previously worked together. The party starts at 20:00 at Interpool. SFQ Uppsala will be at the party and give out free condoms, so drop by and visit us won’t ya 🙂

This Sunday we will again meet up at Kalmar Nation to enjoy their fika. We meet at 11:50 outside.

See you there ^.^


Nov 10 – 20

19 Nov

Hello hello!

Club Wilde was fabulous as ever! It is always nice to get some colour, warmth and queerness in the dark November nights 🙂

This Thursday is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. A group of LGBTQI-associations including SFQ Uppsala will hold a light manifestation in honour of all those who have lost their lives or have had to suffer in other ways because of transphobia. The manifestation will take place at Celsiustorget on Thursday at 17:30 – 18:30. There will be speeches, music, lanterns and a moment of silence.

Please stop by and join this important manifestation against close-mindedness and ignorance, together we are changing the world ❤

Oct 20 – Nov 10

10 Nov

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, there has been some travelling going on, so there hasn’t been time for the blog, but now we’re back up again ^.-

We have had a fika at kalmars, a bowling and pub evening and a movie evening. They were all fantastic and around 15 people were participating each time.

This week we will gather energy, finish our exams and assignments, and get psyched for the next club Wilde which is this Friday! 😀
SFQ won’t be having an official pre party, but we might sort something out with another fabulous organisation to pre party at their place!

Take care!
Hugs from SFQ Uppsala ❤