February 11

11 Feb

Hi all!

We apologise for not writing blog entries very often, this is because we are reorganising the board a little bit. We hope to be up and running with one entry per week as soon as possible 🙂

The semester has started out just great! We have had the Welcoming Event, one Movie Evening, one Fika and now we are quickly moving on to the next activities 😀

Thursday 12 February we will have a Speed Meet at Smålands Nation (in Lilla festsalen, you can ask the staff) starting at 19:00.
Please make sure you are in time, because once we have started it is a bit difficult to incorporate newcomers.
No nation card required for the Speed Meet, only for going to the pub afterwards.

Saturday 14 February it’s finally time for the queer club WILDE! at Kalmar Nation, and of course SFQ Uppsala holds the best pre-party 😀
The pre-party will open its doors at 19:00 at Rackarberget. For the exact address please attend the event on Facebook or email us at sfq@sfq.studorg.uu.se
There will be snacks, but please bring your own fabulous mood and perhaps beverage if you want to drink anything. It will be awesome!

Tuesday 17 February is the day of the Semla (google for specifics)! In celebration of this SFQ Uppsala invites you to eat some with us at Rackarberget starting 18:00, for the exact address attend the Facebook event or email us. The Semlor will be free for members and you will also get a pin! Non-members can pay a small amount of money or become members then and there 🙂

We hope seeing all of you really soon!
Love-filled hugs from SFQ Uppsala ❤


Ett svar to “February 11”

  1. Aida 17 februari 2015 den 12:55 #

    Thank you for the update board! You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work and have a great day 🙂


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