Arkiv | maj, 2015

Pub evening 12/5 and Annual meeting 20/5

10 Maj

Hey queers!

We have two fun events coming up. This Tuesday, the 12th of May we’ll have a pub evening at Upplands nation at 19.00 pm. We’ll have our rainbow flags ont the table as usual so you’ll be able to find us. Note that you’ll need a nation card for this event.

On the 20th of May we’ll have our annual meeting. See the information below:
Hereby SFQ Uppsala announces the annual meeting:
Wednesday the 20th of May, 6.30 pm
Uppsala Studentkår, Övre Slottsgatan 7, first floor

All our members are welcome, and you can even bring other persons who are not members yet but maybe want to become members. The meeting will be about an hour and afterwards we’re going to some pub, everybody who want’s to.

In the first place we’ll select a new board. So think about if you’d like to be in the board, it is fun! We have meeting about once a month and plan coming SFQ-events. There are no obligations how much every board member has to do, so it’s fine if you want to be a part of the board even if you’re not sure yet how much time you’re going to have next year.

We have sent an email with the preliminary agenda, which according to SFQ´s rules has to be in Swedish. During the meeting we can explain things in English. Members have the right to add discussion points to the agenda. Please send these beforehand. It is also possible to add discussion points during the meeting, but then the meeting cannot make decisions.

When the new board is being elected, it is important that we choose (or at least decide on how and when to choose):
-a “firmatecknare” (is responsible for SFQ´s bank account, signs formal documents, if any. This usually is the same person as the local treasurer, who also applies for grants)
-a local representative (a contact person for the national board)
-a “membership-responsible” (has access to the membership register and handles membership applications)
-one or two representatives on SFQ´s congress 2015 (who vote(s) in name of SFQ Uppsala)
(it is not necessary to choose four different individuals for these functions)

If you have any questions about what it would entail to join the board or want to help out, feel free to contact us. On request, meeting reports can be attained.

We hope to see you at the annual meeting!

Love from the board