Speed Meet etc.

7 Okt

Hey y’all!

Since the last entry we have had one lecture followed by pub evening, and also a fika at Kalmar Nation. What is stunningly fantastic is the large amount of people people participating 😀
The more of you we see, the happier we get!

Next up is a Speed Meet tomorrow (8th October) evening at 19:00 at the library of Småland Nation! It is important to be there on time as it is difficult to get peole into the rotation schedule once it has started, so it’s better to get there at 18:50. Nation card is, sadly, needed!

What else is up?
Wednesday 14th October there will be a Rainbow evening in cooperation with the University Chaplaincy (Universitetskyrkan). We will have an evening of LGBTQ+- discussions about ”The Power of the Word”. Everyone is welcome, regardless of faith, gender or sexual orientation. No nation card needed.

Rainbow Evening FB Event



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