Times change…

30 Sep

Dear Lgbtq*-people and allies!

During a lot of years, SFQ Uppsala had been a place for queer students to meet and hang out, to discuss, to support each other, to have fun and to make new friends. Thanks a lot to everyone who has been involved in any kind!

Right now, SFQ Uppsala is not active any more. But if you would like start up SFQ Uppsala again, you’re welcome to contact the SFQ national board who can help with the practical details about how to run a local SFQ group.

Mail: info@hbtqstudenterna.se

Homepage: http://hbtqstudenterna.se/

But, fortunately: There are other active queer groups and spaces in Uppsala 🙂 For exempel:

RFSL Studenterna: RFSLs group for queera studenter. Meet up for a fika, brunch or pub evening.

Facebook-Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/377697992646674/

RFSL Uppsala: Besides the student group, RFSL provides a weekly meeting space (thursdays) and different groups like a trans*group, a group for asexual people, a group for bi- and pansexuals, a queer board game group, a newcomer group and a queer choir.

Homepage: https://uppsala.rfsl.se/en/

Facebook-Page: https://www.facebook.com/rfsl.uppsala/

HBTQ+ Uppsala Universitet: Facebook-group to share queer events.


Queer Feminist Uppsala: Facebook-group ”for supporting each other and sharing info about everything queer feminist going on in Uppsala: spaces, initiatives, networks, events”:


Queers i Uppsala: Facebook-grupp to share queer events.


Separatist groups:

Lesbiskt rum: breakfast, book circle, film evenings and other activities.


Admirari Vulgus Upsalia:a group for queer women and non-binary people who want a separatist space for events and discussion”.




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