Kalendarium / Events

On this page you’ll find all the official events of SFQ Uppsala.
The location for some activities and Pub nights are added later!

Whenever an activity is held at a Nation: for a pub night you always need a nation card (because of the Swedish law with respect to alcohol). Usually for movie nights, game nights, speedmeets and so on, you do not need a nation card. Please send us an e-mail in case you are unsure whether you need a nation card for a particular event or not.

* means nation card needed

2015 Upcoming events:
Oct. 8: Speed Meet, Småland Nation’s library, be there well before 19:00
Oct. 14: Rainbow Evening with the University Chaplancy, LGBTQI-discussions on the Power of the Word

Past events:
Sept. 16: Welcoming Event
Oct. 4: Kalmar Nation Sunday Fika

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