Times change…

30 Sep

Dear Lgbtq*-people and allies!

During a lot of years, SFQ Uppsala had been a place for queer students to meet and hang out, to discuss, to support each other, to have fun and to make new friends. Thanks a lot to everyone who has been involved in any kind!

Right now, SFQ Uppsala is not active any more. But if you would like start up SFQ Uppsala again, you’re welcome to contact the SFQ national board who can help with the practical details about how to run a local SFQ group.

Mail: info@hbtqstudenterna.se

Homepage: http://hbtqstudenterna.se/

But, fortunately: There are other active queer groups and spaces in Uppsala 🙂 For exempel:

RFSL Studenterna: RFSLs group for queera studenter. Meet up for a fika, brunch or pub evening.

Facebook-Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/377697992646674/

RFSL Uppsala: Besides the student group, RFSL provides a weekly meeting space (thursdays) and different groups like a trans*group, a group for asexual people, a group for bi- and pansexuals, a queer board game group, a newcomer group and a queer choir.

Homepage: https://uppsala.rfsl.se/en/

Facebook-Page: https://www.facebook.com/rfsl.uppsala/

HBTQ+ Uppsala Universitet: Facebook-group to share queer events.


Queer Feminist Uppsala: Facebook-group ”for supporting each other and sharing info about everything queer feminist going on in Uppsala: spaces, initiatives, networks, events”:


Queers i Uppsala: Facebook-grupp to share queer events.


Separatist groups:

Lesbiskt rum: breakfast, book circle, film evenings and other activities.


Admirari Vulgus Upsalia:a group for queer women and non-binary people who want a separatist space for events and discussion”.


MINI PUB CRAWL – 05.10.16

29 Sep


It’s finally happening! This semester’s first SFQ Uppsala pub crawl! But because we know how stressful it can be to be a student, our plan is to only visit 3-4 nation pubs. So come hang out, visit some of the nicest nation pubs in Uppsala with us! And of course, just because we’re hanging out at pubs doesn’t mean drinking alcohol is a requirement – every pub have non-alcoholic options.

We’ll meet at Norrlands nation at 6:30pm (18:30). If you feel like joining up later, just post in the event and we’ll tell you where we are. We’ll also try to keep the event updated on our location!


WELCOME EVENT – 21.09.16

11 Sep


When: September 21st, 6pm (19:00)
Where: Gotlands nation

[På svenska längre ner]

Welcome all LGBTQIA-students (and friends) of Uppsala to a new semester! SFQ Uppsala will as usual provide you with events and activities that let you get to know the other fantastic people of Uppsala in an open-minded, safe and nice environment.

The first event of the semester is our Welcoming Event! We will present out organisation and have some mingling with games and some snacks. Afterwards we’ll go to a nation pub together and everybody is welcome to join.

No nation card is needed for the event itself, but it is for going to the pub afterwards.
See you there!

Välkomna till en ny termin alla HBTQIA-studenter (och vänner) i Uppsala! SFQ kommer i vanlig dager erbjuda events och aktiviteter som låter dig lära känna annat fantastiskt folk i Uppsala på en öppensinnad, trygg och trevlig mötesplats.

Terminens första event är vårt Välkomstevent! Vi kommer presentera vår förening, mingla lite med gratis fika och sen gå till någon nations pub tillsammans.

Inget nationskort behövs för själva eventet, med det gör det för att gå till puben efteråt.
Ses där!

Fika at Kalmars with SFQ

24 Maj

Time again to meet other queers and allies at the fabulous Sunday Fika at Kalmars nation, 29/5. They use to sell sandwiches, cakes and other tasty stuff. You’ll recognize our tables by the cute little rainbow flags – we’ll be there from 12! ❤

No nation card is needed.

Queer picnic in the park!

18 Maj
Summer is coming!

Whatever you wanna call it (queernic or pic-queer-nic etc etc) this is SFQ’s way of saying: Goodbye studies – hello summer! But before everyone runs off to do their thing, we wanna have a last coze! (Actually you’ll also find queers at the Kalmar Spika the 29/5, event coming soon)

Join us for a queer Sunday picnic in the park! Bring something to nibble on, and maybe a blanket. We’ll try to make ourselves visible with the usual rainbow colours/flags, but we’ll also write in the event on the day to let you know what sweet spot we’ve found!

See you there! 😀


ESC 2016 Viewing party with SFQ

12 Maj



On Saturday as mentioned earlier we will be viewing Eurovision Song Contest finale together, and have now decided that we will go to the viewing at Uplands nation together! (note that it is in the basement pub, upstairs they have a spring beer fest going on )

You’ll find us there a bit before 20:00. Come if you love ESC and almost wish you could be in Sthlm and/or if you just want to laugh with all the fun routines and costumes. Come yourself and bring a friend if you want! See you there for the Eurovision viewing party! 😀

*Note also that a nation card is needed.

Årsmöte/Annual meeting

12 Maj

Hello all, Hej kära SFQ-medlemmar!
Hereby SFQ Uppsala announces the annual meeting 2016.

All our members are welcome, and you can bring other persons who are not members yet but perhaps want to become members. The meeting will be about an hour and afterwards we are going to a pub – those who wants to.

To have the rights to vote for decisions in the annual meeting, you will need to have a membership in 2016. You can of course attend the meeting regardless. If you wish to become a member, please e-mail sfq@studorg.uu.se.


Meeting information:
The first priority is to select a new board. You can think about if you would like to become active in the board, we can promise that it is fun! We have meeting about once a month and plan upcoming SFQ-events. There are no obligations how much every board member has to do, so it is completely fine if you want to be a part of the board even if you are not sure how much time you are going to have next year.

We will attach a preliminary meeting agenda, which according to SFQ´s rules has to be in Swedish. During the meeting we can explain things in English. Members have the right to add discussion points to the agenda. Please send these beforehand. It is also possible to add discussion points during the meeting, but then the meeting cannot make decisions.

When the new board is being elected, it is important that we choose (or at least decide on how and when to choose):
-a firmatecknare (is responsible for SFQ´s bank account, signs formal documents, if any. This usually is the same person as the local treasurer, who also applies for grants)
-a local representative (a contact person for the national board)
-a membership-responsible (has access to the membership register and handles membership applications)
-one or two representatives on SFQ´s congress 2016 (who vote(s) in name of SFQ Uppsala)
(it is not necessary to choose four different individuals for these functions)

If you have any questions about what it would entail to join the board or want to help out, feel free to contact via message or write a post here. On request, meeting reports can be attained.

We hope to see you at the annual meeting!

Kind regards,

The board members of SFQ Uppsala

9 Maj

rainbow clouds

Good morning ❤

Hope you’ve rested well during the long weekend. Here is a little update about the last upcoming events for this semester, more detailed information will come later for each event.

May 14: Eurovision viewing with SFQ (announced later if we find location)
May 18: Annual meeting (at Kårhuset-Uppsala studentkår) + hang out afterwards (possibly nation)
May 22: Pic-nic at the botanical gardens
May 29: Kalmar fika with music (SPIKA) – Final event for this semster

+ little more about the annual meeting: We have sent out an email to all SFQ-members about it and will update more information about it here later, but everyone interested is more than welcome to join. We are looking for new members of the board so if you are interested or would like to know more about how we work, do come and ask us questions and think about joining! You are also welcome to come with new ideas for improvement if you felt something was missing in these events. 🙂

SFQ and Chill – (K)Wildeborg

27 Apr

Enjoy the approaching spring and festivities with SFQ Uppsala in the sun!

Kalmar Nation is hosting the queer club Wilde! for the first time ever on Kvalborg (the day before Valborg). Before that, they open up their garden for chilling in the sun with a couple of drinks.

People from SFQ will be there from 17:00 (a bit later if the weather isn’t too good), so come and join us! The entrance to (K)Wildeborg is 80 sek, and nation card is needed. Open 16:00 – 02:00. See you there!
We will let you know when we get there by writing in this post as a comment. Please comment (anonymously or not) if you are coming so we will know to expect you and can easier communicate if you do not have facebook, otherwise you will find information on there.

All in all we wish everyone a great approaching spring and hope it will be nice weather wherever you are ❤

Rainbow evening – HIV and LGBTQIA in South Africa

14 Apr


Time: Wednesday 20/4, 19:00-21:00.
Place: Prästgårdssalen (next to Helga Trefaldig kyrka)
(Street: Odinslund 4, 753 10 Uppsala)
Language: English

It’s time for the last Rainbow Evening of the semester, and we at SFQ Uppsala and the University Chaplaincy will make it truly special!

We will have the guest speaker pastor Paul Mokgethi-Heath talking about the situation for LGBTQIA-people in South Africa, and what it is like living with HIV today.

The evening will be in English, but if you want to say something or ask something in Swedish, someone else can translate it to English so that everyone understands. As always, fika is offered for free, and we ask you to come with an open mind and to be respectful to others.